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Donald trump approves
No it took me two seconds. I just noticed your comment. I don't spend every waking moment on this thread like you.
Donald trump approves
The laws you refer to are pre-existing from a time when people matured a lot sooner than they do now. My Grandfather helped assemble the town's school busses in high school shop class, then proceeded to drive younger students in said bus. That level of responsibility in a person under 18years old was once commonplace and expected.
Donald trump approves
"Adult" means whatever George Soros tells you it means
Donald trump approves
No, I think I brought up a very important point, which is that the language the left uses is meaningless because their personal definitions are subject to change with every election cycle. In any case, they can try banning it. They might even pass a law successfully. Heck, banning it might save some people from contracting hiv by discouraging people from performing risky behaviors. Much like the straw ban could save some turtles from being harmed by hazardous plastic tubes.