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oh by the way this was a study of 455 furries
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To get the percentage we divide our previous total by the total amount of furries (allegedly 200 million) to get a decimal, and multiply it by 100 to make it a percentage.

177440400 / 200000000 * 100 = 88.7202% of furries watch pornography. That's pretty high.

For the ratio, in case you want it, it's 88:100, or about 1 in 1.136363636...

Now, I'm not the statistics guru and I'm pretty sure I made a mistake somewhere. But the statistic of furries that watch pornography is awfully high.
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I'm sorry, but I can't sugarcoat this. Your math is very, very wrong, and it's not entirely your fault.

First of all, the statistic that you are using is not good. The statistic that you used was not the percentage of furries that watch NSFW things. The statistic is the percentage of furry art that males view that is pornographic, which is not usable to predict the amount of furries that view pornographic content, because it is an average. You were working with data that is not usable for this task, which isn't necessarily your fault.

I found a statistic that will help here. . It's from the same website as the data from the comment above, but this statistic that I'm going to use is from question 11. It is "whether they, themselves, looked at furry pornography." You're really not going to like this.

Males: 96.3% yes
Females: 78.3% yes

That's quite high. It gets worse.

The amount of furries that you suggested was 200 million. I found a range of values from 800K to 2M, which is WAY smaller than 200 million. However, because we're working with percentages, the final result won't be very different.
So first of all, I don't know which ones are males and females. However, under question 2 in that website, "the fandom is predominantly male, with 77.9% of our participants identifying as biologically male, 17.5% identifying as biologically female, and 3.6% identifying as transgender (with 1% identifying as “other”)." To find the gender makeup, we multiply the percentage by 200 million to find the male and female values. This means that:

Male furry amount: 155,800,000
Female furry amount: 35,000,000
Transgender furry amount: 7,200,000
Other furry amount: 2,000,000

That seems quite high, but the result won't differ too much in the end. Also, where the heck did you get 200 million furries?

I only got data on male and female porn watching, so I'll drop the transgender and other furry amount. This means that my percentage in the end will be low.

Once again, I'm going to multiply the amount of male/female furries by the percentage of them that view pornographic content. This tells me how many of them view porn.

Males: 155800000 * 96.3% = 150035400.
Females: 35000000 * 78.3% = 27405000
Total male and female: 177440400 furries.

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