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Donald Trump in fun
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And they cry harder.
Done. Finito. Adios. in fun
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I'd rather have coal burned in my pants than accept this gift.
We dodged a bullet in fun
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You dodged a bullet and moved right into the path of a missile.
Philosoraptor in fun
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My political views has nothing to do with my intelligence and I already know that Muslims frown at LGBT community. Besides, while there are liberal extremists, not every left wing person is this way. Some see the problems with our nation that can't be solved with right wing people and others such as me, are put in situations where it's only logical to lean one way or another. Look at me. My dad always struggles with cash and tells about how his childhood was devoid of money. He keeps telling me I'll be nothing if I don't work hard. Not to mention that I'm at the receiving en did any actions of discrimination, generalization, and racial profiling.
Sea of Red in fun
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Because most of the blue is in big cities and more people live in cities than the same area of land in the country.