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Stupid products SMH in fun
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An overwhelming number of idiots like to stress test incorrectly translated engineering specifications done by the technical writer. I did technical support at a university and the idiots insisted that any words used for marketing on the box was reality fact. Even in the tech field itself are idiots who think anything outside of their troubleshoot and repair domain is magical. Most technicians I met believe that writing code is magical and can cause a computer to do magical things outside the limits of engineering. It is sufficient to understand the mathematics well enough to know how it works. Reading the manual is not understanding how something works but how the technical writer translated their notes.
Big Brain! in fun
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I saw one that used a pool of differential equations to solve instead of using arithmetic problems or copying letters.
Uhm...why does that make since? in fun
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I have no desire to sin and was born without sin. Just because a Christian identifies as a born sinner does not mean that a Satanist is also retarded. Only Christians are born sinners with original sin. The myth does not exist outside of Christian belief. Also, the garden of eden fable is a fellatio joke possibly of Roman origin. The joke is that Adam did gay shit and god got mad about it.
escalator fail in fun
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This looks like a physics problem. The second hit is far worse because of greater energy. LoL. From the launch height the release velocity can be determined. The first hit is for busting the testicles and the second hit is for removing ovaries.
Change My Mind in fun
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This is easily proven false. Humans are closer genetically to gorillas than gorillas are to orangutans.