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Sully Wazowski in fun
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That is because math is probably the only subject that is taught by math education idiots and not by mathematicians. The math education people cannot do math and can only teach what is on a lesson plan for it and not understand the mathematics themselves. On rare occasion at a university a mathematics professor who is not math education teaches a math class that can only be taught by a mathematician.
Unsettled Tom in fun
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My twin brother refused cataract surgery and special education so the teachers and coaches would pause the game and help the loser score without any resistance while lavishing him with high praise that he is just as good as his twin brother who is double and triple teamed to prevent him from ever enjoying any recreation. When he played football he hit the fence post with his helmet at full sprint on his first day of practice because he was too busy picking a fight with me to follow safety instructions to not hit the post head on at full sprint. He kept playing football and refused cataract surgery because he was obsessed with picking fights with me instead of working on his own short comings.
Matrix Morpheus in fun
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TELL ME MORE | image tagged in tell me more | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Matrix Morpheus in fun
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My working theory has been that Russian scientists created the DNA code of the virus and it was activated in a Chinese lab where it was applied and then got out of control. A virus is just a vehicle that transfers DNA code and is neither dead or alive.
Blank Nut Button in wholesomestuff
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I already answered your question. You need to learn how to read. I never avoided your idiotic question. I explained to you that your king and Jesus and all bible character are fiction. You do devil worship on fictional characters.The devil does not need to exist for you to do devil worship. Your Jesus does not need to exist to do devil worship on Jesus. You worship Jesus who is fiction.You imagine your Jesus is a king. A fictional character as anything is still a fictional character and does not become real. Hence, your king is fiction. Jesus and the king are fiction. The devil is fiction. You worship Jesus, Jesus as anything, Jesus as a king, and the devil as Jesus. All bible characters are fiction. Your king does not exist and you do devil worship on fictional characters from the bible. How can you be so incredibly stupid and obtuse? You devil worship on an idol. All idols represent a fictional character. The devil, Jesus, and all variations of Jesus are make-believe and do not exist. You do devil worship on a fictional Jesus. What part of fictional bible characters do you not understand? You believe in lies and in fiction. You do devil worship on fictional characters. Your king does not exist. You do devil worship anyway because you do devil worship on Jesus whom you delude as being real. Your action of devil worship is independent of how you imagine Jesus because all variations of fiction remain fiction. You worship fictional bible characters. You therefore devil worship on Jesus in whatever version you imagine as Jesus. Worship of Jesus is isomorphic to devil worship on Jesus because Jesus and the devil are one in the same. Jesus is the devil and the devil is Jesus. If you worship Jesus then you devil worship on Jesus because Jesus is the devil. What part of fiction eludes your comprehension? What part do you need further clarity?