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Damn guys, you signed a treaty and you're still being LGBTQPIA+phobic, mind explaining that? in Christian-clean-meme
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Where the hell did you hear that? (Genesis 1:27). The woman was “suitable” for (not inferior to) the man, she was created from him, and she becomes “ one flesh ” with him in marriage.

Phobic is what you said if I remember correctly...ah yes....I am remembering this phrase being said by you.
Definition of homophobia
: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals
Glad you think burning is fun, oh almost forgot that there in gnashing of teeth and many other horrible things in hell. Christians have been warning sinners for thousands of years of not a couple million to listen to the word of God, trying to save their souls, trying to guide them down the right path. Yet people hate us because we disagree with homosexuality and other sins that people commit every day.
Teach a Democrat to Fish in politics
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Lol!!! I'm dying rn. This is funny af right here.
Teach a Democrat to Fish in politics
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It's a saying.
Help. in fun
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Thank you!