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Freeman earns another freckle.
Congratulations you just realised that the world isn't perfect and the only thing keeping us from utter chaos is social structure .
Freeman earns another freckle.
Dude, laws where never made for people who won't follow them, for whatever reason (insanity or just being an all around terrible person). Laws are made so that society will deal with law breakers in a fair and safe manner. Check how Portugal dealt with drugs. By changing the law.
Black Girl Wat
Ok it turned out to be a bad thing but I'm still just saying that the meme isn't worded properly .
Black Girl Wat
Irrelevant. The meme suggest that because Trump is supposedly like Hitler he won't take anyone's guns, but Hitler actually did take them.
Freeman earns another freckle.
Its the sane people that will follow the law and won't sell guns to just about anyone what don't you understand