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But Thats None Of My Business
I'm not jumping fences to get into America either.... Greetings from Europe :)
Don't ruin it for everyone...
Wait, where people saying the same thing on mother's day? Because if not, that would be.... sexist.
Should all tools be regulated then?
Yeah, if we count all the lives lost to radiation sickness and cancer I'm pretty sure that ending the war earlier wouldn't make a huge difference.
Should all tools be regulated then?
Nope, I'm in Europe. Ok, let's say there are people who need to hunt. What about the majority living in cities? What could they possibly need an assault rifle for? There are other means of self defense that don't have a 30 rounds or more magazine.
Should all tools be regulated then?
Oh yeah, "relaxation" is totally equal to a building or a handicraft.... Also, food? Really? No one will go hungry from not hunting. Anyway, I'm not against shooting as a sport, but I think there should be more control on guns sales.