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Am I The Only One Around Here
In reality I'm a male lol
Am I The Only One Around Here
Sonic fan! that's me!
Am I The Only One Around Here
Hopefully you realize the only way into debt is with Credit Cards and loans. Seriously, I'm tired of schools pushing this stuff. The only real financial class anymore is Dave Ramsey. He teaches you how to get out of debt, stay away from debt, and use interest as strategy, along with extra lessons on how to use stocks the correct way and become a millionaire in the long run. Its like the Tortoise and the Hare. The people who do the long way get rich, while the people who try the get rich quick fall. Step one, get rid of your credit cards. Step two, set up a $500 emergency fund in case of situations like injuries or the recent shut down. We were prepared while others were freaking out. Step 3, avoid loans. Step 4, always pay in cash. Did you know you can negotiate with cash? The U.S is the ONLY place in the world where people don't negotiate for lower prices regularly. In other countries, they are insulted if you don't try to negotiate. Dave teaches you how to do that as well. He also teaches you the secrets of buying a used car. Did you know the moment a new car drives off the lot, it loses 70% of its value because the tires got dirty? You should always try and buy a used car in good condition. $3,000 to $8,000 sure does beat $20,000 to $80,000 doesn't it? Rich people don't care what others think of their stuff, because they already know they are rich. Its the poor people who try and show off their stuff to people they'll never meet, when really they might be in debt and not actually own the item. They are just trying to look rich. Take the Dave Ramsey course, not the schools.