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It's... therapy. It's either this or the dog will leave me.
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Learn from the Pro in politics
3 ups, 2y
SEE how it works? The Man's a genius!
"The Simpsons" Have done it again! in politics
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Yeah... little girls. Hair Sniffer!
If I could here his voice tomorrow morning in politics
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Yes, I watch Rachel Maddow too, but it does mean something. McAlliff wasn't supposed to lose; he was the face of the Biden agenda on many levels. Not only did they throw every dirty lie at Youngkin, they doubled down on Biden policy stances like restricted parental say in school curriculum, gun control and Green Deal, Build Back Better and other progressive stances. They were caught flat footed with the loss; none of them expected it or seem to be accepting that most Virginians say "No", even to a former Gov.
Elon Musk's Lost in Space! in fun
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Oh, we got'em!
Timelines in ArrowverseWorld
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Ths is why he travels in a Police Box.