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London_Finch (22687)
Joined 2021-05-17
Ayyy I’m London Finch, I use they/she pronouns, nice to meet y’all! If you wanna rp, feel free to message me
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Gay RP anyone? in LGBTQ
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Sammy: Hey, are you new?
All toms expect for Smokeheart, all of them are warriors in WarriorCats
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
"C-can I join your clan? My name's... Um... I don't have a name. I guess you can call me... Sparrowheart! Yeah, I like that. Sparrowheart. I've been a stray my whole life, but my mother, Berry, just died recently. I'm looking for a place to stay. I- I'm really good with herbs! I could be a medicine cat, or a medicine cat apprentice, if you want. I'd just really love to be part of your clan!" (Pretty much, I'd love to join Moonclan, but I already have an OC. Is it okay if I use her?)
I need a name in WarriorCats
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Faunlight, maybe?
Gay RP anyone? in LGBTQ
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that's fine! who should start it?
Gay RP anyone? in LGBTQ
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Cool. Should wendo the actual rp over messages?