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We're all gonna die this year in fun
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Most likely. WWIII is coming
Inhaling Seagull in fun
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have an upvote my good sir
So it has been said in fun
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Or killed by a pissed off college girl who's trying to sleep and can echolocate (me). A cricket coming into my dorm would be considered suicidal.
What I Think About in repost
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My dog gets the biggest slice of the pie chart because she actually exists and is important to me.
Who Will Save You? in fun
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And you bet I'd need a drink after being kidnapped and thinking I was gonna die. I'd get super drunk and crash at Barnabas's place since my place would also be a crime scene. I don't think I'd be the least bit surprised if I woke up in Josette's old room in the morning with a hangover and found two punctures on my neck from Barnabas biting me while I'd sleep.