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Opinions on the internet are like a content aware scale: the things that differ from indifference will always stand out
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Yes, I know the stream's been quiet for 5 months. in OwO
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No, unfortunately, but I do make furry art once or twice a week.
Blank White Template in OwO
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Yes, just mark them NSFW
Yes, I know the stream's been quiet for 5 months. in OwO
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I'd say that I enjoy drawing with a semi-realistic style. I'm a fan of seeing nearly every art style except the super cartoony ones (such as the suit style above).
It exists and I like it in OwO
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Sadly, according to a Reddit post, it isn't available on the Chrome web store any longer. However, Word Replacer II can do the same thing with some configuration.
Untitled Image in The_Think_Tank
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When a consumer buys from a company, they financially support it in return for satisfactory products or services. If the company doesn't provide a good enough experience to the consumer (no refunds, too expensive, flimsy material, poor sanitation, rude staff, denial of service to a particular group, etc.), the consumer will find a more reliable company to buy from. If a company loses enough of its market, it can no longer support itself. Boycotts are the most effective way of forcing a company to change its practices to better fit their customers.