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American Chopper Argument
That nonchalant guy in the back though.
This is what we've come to...
Then you have my apologies.
This is what we've come to...
My question is how they thought she was Palestinian. I knew nothing of her identity until the very next morning. And the fact that somebody got it wrong meant that they were talking out of their ass, not doing proper research, stereotyped, and other idiots believed it.
This is what we've come to...
Persia is not used to denote a nationality but a heritage. Iran and Iraq, which are of Persian descent are considerably different from Palestine culturally and dialect-wise. It'd be like comparing a hamburger to a sandwich. Yeah. Technically is a sandwich but not in that sense that's accepted. Before "correcting" others, I suggest you research first before-hand so you know what you're actually talking about. Consider yourself schooled. Peace out.
This is what we've come to...
Iranian is persian. Iraquis, too. The ignorance is astounding on what was once the information superhighway.