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Minecraft survey #43 in Minecraft
0 ups, 2y
ive been playing mc since 2012

the best memory was when i survived my first night
i was playing on an hp laptop on 15 fps
i had no idea what video settings were and i was on high settings
i *sniff* i built a house out of *sniff* grass and a door and 3 torches
idk what my account name was
i recently bought mc on my new pc and i was trying to find my name out.
then i started crying when listening to old mc music
Remember Hytale in Minecraft
0 ups, 2y
i would look it up

specifically DANTDM LOOKIN IT UP 2 years ago..................

Its Coming out tho in 2021
Lisa Simpson's Presentation in fun
2 ups, 2y
Sir this is a wendys
do it in Meme-Man
1 up, 2y
aMeN bRoThEr
Minecraft survival challenge #7 in Minecraft
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