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Like, now what do we do?
Wrong. You are ASSUMING that the sun is so hot it would burn everything. Obviously it does not, as photos from planes above clouds show the "hot spot" on clouds. There would not be a brighter spot on the clouds if it was far away. Also, sun rays are shaped like a wheel through clouds.......... If the sun was really thousands of miles away, the rays would all be straight......... CHECKMATE sheeee
Like, now what do we do?
Not how it works, genius. The sun is too far away as it moves away from you, taking the light with it (which is also why it gets smaller as it sets, that gives it away as well). Grow a Brian.................sheee
Need more safety "training"
In India, there are literally "tunnels" made of bars that have cannonballs hanging from them, so that it hits people that try to hitch rides like this. True Story. sheeee
Like, now what do we do?
Wrong. The light must be close to the plate, just like the sun is close to the earth plane................sheeee
Jesus on the cross
Damn sorry, it glitched out there, I thoguht it was my browser........ deleting them I didn't mean to spam, sorry crap