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LakeShaya (547064)
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not active. moved on from the site :) i had fun while it lasted in 2020.
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imgflip in fun
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so amazing man

but i didn't f**king ask
covid crap in politics
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What the f**k? A country with a comparable population to modern day NYC? Hell naw!
Karmic satisfaction in politics
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Lol, the problem is I don't hate my country. I just ALSO choose to stand for a so-called "ideology".
Karmic satisfaction in politics
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I'm talking how the standard greeting changed to be 100% loyal to your country. If you have such a huge problem with these guys supporting an "ideology" then why not with other teams from other sports. There was an Australian soccer team that supported their fallen comrade a few years ago. The El Salvadorian World Cup soccer team supported a woman who shot herself the match before in the 1980s. Why no problems with them? Racist f**king liberals, that's why.