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Twitter is now slowy becoming a husk of it's former by the next following updates. in fun
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And it's all thanks to a rich, dirty muskrat.... 😒
I should give him a taste of his own medicine. in fun
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The one on the top is Ankha from the video game series "Animal Crossing". She was infamously featured on a pornographic animation originally made by Minus8 then sooner remaked by Zone as a tribute.

The one from below is the self-insert character of Verbalase, a beatboxer. He was notably seen on an alledged, also pornographic music video he commissioned for 50k with him being seduced by a demon character from a certain adult animated series set in Hell.
I should give him a taste of his own medicine. in fun
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Looks like one of the characters aren't just chasing him in hot pursuit. They're also doing almost the exact thing that they saw in that video, but in a hard way...
First preview of the sticker only. Looks like Cheems has made another friend. in fun
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Has anybody seen a dog wearing a cat costume?
If you know you know in fun
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