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Happy Birthday Notch! in gaming
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Not as much as he does :/
Untitled Image in LGBTQ
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Untitled Image in LGBTQ
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Ah, yes. Because we all know what LGBTQ stands for:

L - Lesbian
B - Biseual
T - Transgender
Q - Queer
Defund Police x More Crime = Pikachu face in politics
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Glad to know you understand what I mean, I've talked to many people on this website who hear me say anything and think it's a personal attack on them.

Actually defunding the police may not be the best idea, to be frank, as we could be putting that police money toward better training and seminars for police officers on when and when not to shoot at a potential suspect. I have to agree with you that we shouldn't take too much money from the police, though our government also puts so much money into the police force and military instead of other, more important causes, like taking care of the homeless, which should be the job of the government and not individual organizations. I don't think we should actively take money away from the police force, I just think we should shave off some of its funding to help with more important causes.

Also, yes, I do think "reform the police" would be a better slogan.
Untitled Image in politics
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Depends on the puppy. Is it suffering from a birth defect and will live a life of severe physical pain if it's not put down? And also, depends how long you're in a coma for. The longest coma was 37 years and 111 days. If I was in a coma for 5-10 years, I would want my family to decide to pull the plug just because I would rather die than live a life of sheer confusion, with the world changing without me. Then again, that shouldn't be forced on people, rather it should be a choice they talk about with their lawyer. Not unlike how abortions aren't forced upon women and should be a choice.