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a couple of knifes i made. in ShareYourOwnPhotos
1 up, <1h
How does one commission you? Do you have a website or something? I’d love to get a knife from you; they look very nice!
A full double rainbow!!! in ShareYourOwnPhotos
0 ups, 6d
Aw man, idk why uploading it made it all pixel-y! It’s not like that normally, lol
The beach is overrated in fun
1 up, 1w
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
What I think of the beach:
Yummy in fun
4 ups, 2w
Halloween-Christmas combo huh..? I kinda like it, that holiday would be fun
Smart ngl in fun
2 ups, 3w
Mmmmm, sharpie 😋