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I believe there's something special in all of us! | He/Him, single & bi.
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Yes this is a resident alien rp. in Role_Play
0 ups, 1w
"Don't worry, Kate. I won't let them touch you, Ben, or Max. Trust me, I know how to deal with this."
If you really want romance, he’s a tough nut to crack in Role_Play
1 up, 1w
"It'll detect the presence of the creature so that we can use our other weapons against it."
She has an attitude and is kinda creepy in Role_Play
0 ups, 1w
*When I see her, I say* "Greetings, bitchface." *Before heading to my seat*
Romance rp. Guys only please. in Role_Play
0 ups, 1w
"I'm actually the only human on campus. My assistant is a Mabu, and the Skylanders are a dragon, an elf, a living volcano, an anthropomorphic hawk, and a gremlin. But my point still stands. Most of the beings on campus are too young to be seeing that."
If you really want romance, he’s a tough nut to crack in Role_Play
0 ups, 1w
"My PKE meter. It has a long range but a short battery life, which is why I waited to use it."