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Why Is The Rum Gone
Been working full time for almost 30 years now. I play the game, I'm in the system. I'm not saying that nothing should cost anything, I'm saying that we, as human beings, created all the systems that we live by, therefore we can choose to alter those systems. We do and believe a lot of things because "that's the way it has been and always shall be"...I call bullshit on that. Some flesh and blood meatbag just like me made up the idea of assigning value to little pieces of paper and then deciding how many pieces of paper you get for spending your time here on earth doing what someone else wants you to and then assigning a number of pieces of paper that things "cost". We can decide to alter that, we just can't get past the concepts. Should everything be "free", no. Should things that benefit mankind and our common good be "free"? Maybe...or maybe they should be reassigned a different value system for their exchange. Whatever gets people past the "free" and "cost" concepts. Education and healthcare both benefit mankind and should not be "for profit". They can "cost" whatever you need to make you feel how you need to feel about it...but if we as a race are going to evolve past the petty greedy creatures we are now, somethings will have to change.
Why Is The Rum Gone
It's all make believe. We (human beings) made up the concept of money, and we assign value to things, so having to pay is also our made up concept. It can be whatever we decide it will be...we as a society just can't get past the concepts we've created.
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Yeah, but what do the reviews look like...
Die-in at Publix to protest political contributions
I...didn't think that was the point. The point was, that a numerically and technologically inferior fighting force...ARMED...can hold off or even defeat an army with tanks, planes, etc. THAT'S the point. But, even the Jews could have done that to an extent in Germany or anywhere else. Like anywhere, there are segments of the population that would support both sides of a conflict.