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It's not that I hate conservatives, it's that they make me hate them
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Every accusation is really a confession. in politicsTOO
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Surprised? Only at the magatards not claiming false flag deep state yet
What conservatives believe, they want nuclear energy’s costs to blow out to AU$387 billion in Australia in politicsTOO
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Solar and wind continue to come down in price. Nuclear still has the problem with spent fuel storage that won't go away for thousands of years.
This is the second kangaroo court the Noalition want to set up in weeks in politicsTOO
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Those that steal from others to enrich themselves see laws prohibiting it as oppression
When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise was being designed, April was originally going to be Asian in politicsTOO
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A little off topic, but I dated his cousin for a short time. And no, I never met him, but she told me about him. It was just when TMNT was going mainstream.