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I dont believe its simply a lack of funding, thats a convenient excuse. And with the advanced technology we have now, it should be a mere fraction of the cost to put togather a spacecraft equal in capabilities, if not more advanced, to what we had half a centuary ago. And your saying for unkown sinister reasons our govenment would want to win the space race, snub our greatest foe, and not tell tell the citizens we wasted that many tax dollars on a project that wasnt feasable at the time. Im as ardent a patriot as the next but to believe everything the government says, is laughable. Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman or inhale, The russian government has hitlers body, Two 747's melted the steel and brought down the world trade center, seal team 6 killed osama bin laden without a shot fired, but during the firefight the muzzle flare sparked a fire burning down the palace and obama decided to cremate the evidence and throw it off a boat within 24 hrs in accordance with osamas religion. If you read between the lines the truth becomes aparent in time