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That's one way to put a spin on it! The old farts will get this!
Whoever first noticed this deserves a Nobel prize vastly more than Obama did.
or vice versa
It's common knowledge in the field that MANY people who become therapists suffer from mental illness themselves. Therapy - especially "couples" therapy - is very gynocentric and openly misandrous. It's steeped in Marxist ideology, new-age assumptions, and invariably disproved theories. The actual SCIENCE of psychiatry shouldn't be confused with the quackery of psychology, which is predominately practiced by rabid leftist, feminist, gay, female, and anti-white-male Jewish people who are pushing an agenda via their "easy A" degree, as an appeal to authority, where they themselves are held up as the "authority".
No Trump for You
Yeah... "asylum". That's what we're calling it, now.
or vice versa
As if there's another kind of lesbian...