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No, I don't get offended by everything.
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Gender Bathroom in fun
2 ups, 5y
I'd take the "men's" one lol. Not a talker.
Hide the pain Harold in fun
1 up, 5y
So, no?
It must get tiring to be constantly outraged about everything. in fun
1 up, 5y
Good thing the very vast majority aren't brainwashed.
Aw man...... in fun
0 ups, 5y
the guy's upset because he didn't get to watch two women have sex solely for his viewing pleasure.
or maybe Wendy's as she's had a hankering for a little bi-experimentalism in fun
5 ups, 5y
I ALWAYS got the "boy" toys from McDonalds whenever I got a Happy Meal. I never liked all the pink glittery stuff that was offered. I think it's kind of silly that they still generally have two obviously gender-stereotypical options. (As a side note, my much younger brother is 10 and still plays with barbies!)