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Why do people be so offended in fun
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I like this "giga chad" meme. Describes most of the discourse here in perfect satirical irony.

Also, furthermore.
Why do people be so offended in fun
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The problem here is, neither you, nor the offended person on twitter, has touched grass in a few days.

You're both the same over-reactive crusaders. Just touch grass.
Why do people be so offended in fun
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People that fight over labels, whether gender, whether race, whether disorder...

I don't care which camp you're in...

I care only that you have empathy.

Call people what they want to be called, and also respond respectfully when you are misgendered, not everyone see's a secondary sex characteristic the same way.

Its as if the unempathetic are either those who don't know how English works and say they don't have pronouns, and those who only know how English works in the regard to prepare for argument.

Trans or cis. Both crusades are filled with the traumatized and should get therapy and learn self love and external love. Can't love others if you hate any version of yourself.

Though both camps should also learn how to read a god-damn compendium of words. Words mean absolutely nothing, so anyone who cries foul, is a bad-actor and is self-interested.

The English dictionary dissuades its reader from treating it like gospel, and so does the DSM-5.

Now we got mfs from every side of life, calling every other side "outrageous and hateful", thinking they solved the world.

Real trans people don't have meltdowns unless they're neglected, mistreated, and abused.

Real cis people don't have meltdowns unless they're neglected, mistreated, and abused.

People who hate themselves, are hateful. Hate is from fear and ignorance. Those who do not provide patience and empathy are hateful. If you all could just speak to each other. Go***amn, the world would be so much better. Y'all should form the Trauma Cis-Trans concordat/treatise/treatie/truce and realize you both should work a job and touch grass.

Respect each other for what you can achieve, not who you portray yourself as. To me, everyone is just a shell, who's mind would be meaningless without the body's capacity to both torment and treat us to life's fortunes and misgivings. If we were just minds, floating consciousnesses, I wouldn't have to deal with the "I'm right. You're wrong."

God, I hate 12:45am research breaks, there's nothing but chill outside tonight, and I've done that relaxation tactic enough. I am just trying to make a meme, when I got intrigued by this. Of course the argument below is just as bad as the petty debaters they oppose. Y'all fight your petty war.

TLDR (metaphor)

I don't care if I just flattened YOUR cat with the wheel of MY sedan, it was in MY driveway. Have respect for MY property, I will respect yours. There is no comparison. The mother f**ker shits on MY lawn anyways.