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If you fail at logic, your opinion is mentally impaired. Translation: I don't give a shit about comments from idiots.
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FACT — Deaths Could Have Been Prevented By Simply Cooperating in politics
1 up, 3y
Had he cooperated and NOT run, he would still be alive. That's a fact. Later doesn't count.
It's NOT a Democracy!!! in politics
5 ups, 3y
It's not a Democratic form of government, it's a Republican form of government. Learn the difference! The two are NOT the same!
Bernie Sanders on Fire in politics
0 ups, 4y
I'm not the one who refuses to understand. I've lived long enough to see what Socialism does. It's idiots like you who think they know better who bring destruction on everyone else. Moron.
Bernie Sanders on Fire in politics
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Socialism is death.