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Head shot boyz in politics
0 ups, 3w
American Indians would strip you down rub you with yucca plant the tie you over fire ant nest. Because your eyes have water in them it was the first place they would attack
Head shot boyz in politics
0 ups, 3w
I agree not worth a 50 cent bullet I like going green/ the Chinese would put you in a box with a small hole in top put a price of bamboo in hole then bury you alive the small air hole made you suffer for about. 3-5 days / buried in sand up to neck at low tide is a nice touch/
Gender bending biden in politics
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Joe you won a full 2 week paid vacation to the bondage basement of your choice we know how much you like basements uiuiuyand for a special surprise your son Hunter has agreed to be paid to be the your house boy for the entire 2 weeks goonite everybody'
Just when you thought it was safe he's back in politics
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Look at cuomo's eyes then look at manson's no change pure evil