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The Power of Positive Thinking
[image deleted]I started with this a few days back. They should name a crater after her! LOL
Politically Correct
I was looking on Google for a picture of Army classroom training and that was among the pictures that appeared, so I ran with it. I should have just said 'REASONS TO REENLIST' but added army to it. I made a similar remark when a seargeant tried to talk me into reenlisting again at the end of my 2nd tour, asking me where else could I get all those freebies? I said "in any federal prison". He was not amused. But I was! :)
Politically Correct
Sorry you had to squint. I use a 32 inch HD monitor and keep forgetting not everybody sees it as big as I do. I spent 5 years in the Army. When I got out, I was the best trained janitor in the state! LOL
Confused Gandalf
Who's going to protect you from the government? That's a job for patRIOTs! LOL
Faith vs. Reason
20 years in the making. LOL