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Safe? Not remotely!

Safe?  Not remotely! | Safe?  Not remotely! The vaccine won't cure you,
but it's supposed to deal with
COVID symptoms most people
don't even get - unless
 you get those identical symptoms 
from the vaccine's side effects.
We're the "health"care for profit
industry! Would we lie to you? | image tagged in doctors laughing,scamdemic,plannedemic,great reset,vaccine skepticism,bill gates loves vaccines | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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You don't need a medical degree to figure out what's happening in our world 🤣 especially when everything real gets blocked and considered misinformation yet another thing in 2002 they had animal trials for Sars2 and those animals died and the fact more vaccinated people are dying more then unvaxxed especially when the big pharma doesn't show the truth so you can 🐑 and listen to what they say but I believe in my immune system not fear, the only reason people died was due to just being older it's just another flu they just hyped it up to put fear into y'all's brains, wake up and realize the fact that they even dont properly post the data
"Their summit was viewed twenty million times, in a matter of hours. People recognize truth! Then they were censored simultaneously by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. In this video Dr Gold explains serious concerns about the experimental vaccines that are unlawfully imposed on all of humanity, for a disease that has a 99,97% survival rate, while safe and effective cures are being hidden from humanity.
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@JasonCarswell - Where did you get your medical degree?
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Where'd you get yours?

My father is a retired anesthesiologist and GP and my brother is a chiropractor, and many more in my extended family beyond that are doctors, scientists, teachers, and artists. I've been animating and art directing for around 30 years all over North America and directing my own projects for the last half of that.

If you listen to the corporate media then you're listening to lies.

“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” ~ Mark Twain

If you listen to corporate media talk about other corporate media then you're still in the lie bubble also known as the Overton Window. Look it up.

If you listen to a diverse variety of alternative media then you can triangulate your own awareness on the truth rather than be spoon fed information like a baby from the proven liars in the corporatocracy. Many of them will be second level corporate liars too, but you have to discern for yourself who is trustworthy in the alternative media who will comment on the corporate media - and THEN you can finally start to understand the manipulations, deceptions, exploitations and extermination agendas.

You can start at where there's all sorts of unfiltered folks, good, bad, ugly, and insightful. Also, and many others are great sources. If you want I can make a list of my faves for you. You don't have to agree with everything, but if you at least listen to the alternatives you'll have an idea of what might be happening when the shit really goes down.

It's all going to get MUCH MUCH WORSE. That's why we all need to wake the flock up.
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You have the right to reject the vaccine, but please don't spread lies about it to try to convince others not to take it.
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I'm trying to save lies and trying to stop the lies of the control and profit driven corporate-owned "experts", government, and media - all proven liars. Fauci is a life-long career scammer leading among those "leaders".

We have the right to reject it until we don't. Many regions are already openly discussing mandatory vaccines. Furthermore they will install limitations on travel and other freedoms oppressing those who refuse to vaccinate. This is an organized corporatocracy coup. There's no shortage of evidence about their eugenics plans. Watch the James Corbett Report on Bill Gates for an introduction to this stuff. All of it is 100% verifiable and for newbies it may seem unbelievable that you've been lied to about so much - but at least you'll then know about it. If you're never exposed to counter-narratives and skepticism then you'll be blissfully ignorant until you're executed.

There is a reason why they call them "hidden agendas" because they try to keep them hidden, censored, and off the radar of most people. The Overton window controls your views using things like dynamic silence, misinfo, disinfo, confusion, hypernormalization, tribalist division, racism, SJW nonsense, Q-anon nonsense, psyops, bots, and countless other tactics.

How would you know if it's propaganda or not - especially if you are the target demographic?
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Doctors laughing memeCaption this Meme
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Safe? Not remotely! The vaccine won't cure you, but it's supposed to deal with COVID symptoms most people don't even get - unless you get those identical symptoms from the vaccine's side effects. We're the "health"care for profit industry! Would we lie to you?
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