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What if it's us, not them? in fun
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Even if you knew what Canada requires for citizenship, you are still lacking some important information that would keep you from accurately assessing if I qualified or not: You know almost nothing about me ( and nothing significant).
What if it's us, not them? in fun
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Can you give some examples of countries where that is the standard operating procedure? And perhaps some evidence to support those claims?
What if it's us, not them? in fun
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Ok. Let's look at objective data.
Right now the US has a higher infant mortality rate than Cuba.

I know you will argue with he source, so here is another saying the US has he highest rates of infant mortality among developed nations, and it comes from the CDC (yeah, our own government acknowledges this as true):

So I guess if you want to have children, you have a higher chance of them living in other countries.
Then there is quality of education that children receive:
"The latest ranking of top countries in math, reading, and science is out — and the US didn't crack the top 10"

So there are two issues. Please refute them instead of just repeating "its all subjective" even when presented with objective facts.
What if it's us, not them? in fun
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It isn't so much an issue of open borders. It is a matter of a lack of resources currently available to me. I can make money working, but all of that goes to rent and bills and the expenses of just existing. So I couldn't hire a coyote (not sure if they exist to get people into canada or if they do what the actual term is) because that costs money. Same thing for plane and boat tickets. As well as the vaccinations that would be a good idea t get since m immune system has developed to fight bacteria found in the US. Which is why I said if someone gave me a ticket I would go.
What if it's us, not them? in fun
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How about you show me, specifically, what America is best in the world at.
I know it isn't education, healthcare, or life expectancy.
I imagine you will probably respond with "Yes it is."
How about providing some evidence? You don't like the sources I provided, then provide others.
Perhaps I am wrong. Show me with something other than the "'Murica is da best!!!!!!!111" propaganda.
I know, I know. It is very un-american of me to actually consider facts instead of blindly worshipping the idea of America.