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They had us in the first half in fun
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nice try, but that would either mean 1) the car is driving on reverse, 2) it's driving in the wrong lane, or 3) it's driving on a three-lane one-way road with at least one level intersection with a crosswalk and pedestrians casually strolling over it.

Plus I do see a human hand in a decidedly holding-a-steering-wheel pose precisely where you would expect a steering wheel for a right hand traffic car.

Also I have no evidence of any yellow taxi signs in UK.

My wild guess says, suburban East Europe
Untitled Image in fun
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The theory is sound but thrust vectoring control needs work.
How to open bottle caps in fun
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Take #1308. This is your last chance, then we're out of bottles.
Good point in fun
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the difference is that drugs ruin your health. Make up, only a tiny bit.