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Jackie Chan WTF in imgflip
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There are several reasons, not least of which is that "best" is subjective. What you think is best may be considered "worst" by everyone else.
Political discussion is a treacherous minefield in politics
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No, in point of fact it's well known that conservatives, even far right conservatives, are open to debate and welcome others to voice dissenting opinion without trying to shut them down, a tactic lefties are infamous for (and if you deny that you're just playing ostrich).

Just because conservatives may /disagree/ with your opinion, doesn't mean they'll try to ruin your life over it.

Lefties don't welcome dissenting opinion because they automatically take the stance that there /can be/ no dissenting opinion, that their opinion is automatically on the moral high ground, and therefore anyone who disagrees with them is a racist, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, islamophobe, (et cetera ad nauseum), and should be silenced and driven out of "forward thinking" society.
Any particular reason why comments constantly shift on a meme? After awhile threads don't make any sense. Is it points? in imgflip
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It may have changed now that they've added time posted to the comments, or the downvote effect, or it may have been pure coincidence, but whenever I wondered why some newer comments seemed to be above others that were older and that had the same number of upvotes, they always seemed to be in alphabetical order.
Straight white male in fun
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Well, people do tend to think that when they see it actually happening. Funny how that works.

Not sure what that has to do with the meme though.
America's greatest threat strikes again, but like so often, no proof. in politics
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Rrrrrright, just "one". *snort*


And that just lists /campus/ hate-crime hoaxes. It doesn't even mention the Covington brouhaha, where those kids were accused of a hate crime.

Nor does it mention Nikki Joly, the "trans" person who burned down his own home, with his own two dogs and three cats /still inside/, and claimed his house was burned down as a "hate crime", all because he was pissed off that there was no prejudice for him to campaign against in his home town.

That's just a few. More can be found here.


And you know what? A hate crime hoax should itself be considered a hate crime.