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Blank Tombstone in fun
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It's not the loss. It's the specific person the loss was to. You didn't see me make a meme when Bush II was elected.
2nd yes, 1st no in fun
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You're absolutely right, people *do* have a right to express their dislike of what he's doing. *I * don't like what he's doing. But I defend his right to do it. The people *I* talk to don't see it that way. They say he has no right to do this. They forget, or don't care, about his 1st Amendment right to do so. They say he is disrespecting the men and women who fought, and died, for the "flag that he is disrespecting", while forgetting that those who died were actually fighting for his right TO do what he's doing.
Michael Jackson - Okay Yes Sign in fun
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Michael will be right with you. :-D