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Deniers everywhere, but....
Plenty of evidence from 30AD has survived, from the Western Wall to the Caiaphas Ossuary. The bible is not "a single document", it's a compilation of separate manuscripts written by over a half-dozen different authors. Reliance on copies of manuscripts (vs. the lost originals) is the norm in all studies of ancient history. The oldest copies of Josephus' works e.g. are translations from 400+ years after the originals, and the oldest copies in the original Greek are from 900+ years later. Yet these are still considered by historians as reliable. The oldest New Testament manuscripts are from within 200 years of the originals and there is no serious argument that the originals are from the first century AD. If you believe anything at all about ancient history, you believe it based on long-after-the-fact copies and whatever archaeological evidence (limited as it may be) can be found.
Deniers everywhere, but....
https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/05/the-world-is-full-of-holocaust-deniers/370870/ Only 1/3 of the world population today has heard of the Holocaust and believes that it happened "as advertised". And that's with all the evidence -- and with events that happened less than 80 years ago, with survivors still living to confirm the stories. Care to guess what the world will think of the Holocaust a few hundred years from now? It'll be laughed off as a myth. People make up reasons to deny what they don't want to believe in. Just like with the resurrection. Christianity was based from the start on history and facts, and by its own tenets, the whole thing would be a complete sham without those facts.
Deniers everywhere, but....
In both cases the primary proof is the same -- eyewitness testimony. (Photos can after all be staged, faked, and altered.) The only difference is that the eyewitnesses to the resurrection lived much longer ago, just like the eyewitnesses to any ancient historical event (the Maccabean War, the Siege of Jerusalem, etc.). The longer we go past the time of the moon landings and the Holocaust, the more widespread the deniers will get, until finally their conspiracy viewpoint becomes the mainstream. Just like with the resurrection.
Creepy Condescending Wonka
Exactly -- by *his* definition of "humanity", i.e. "people like me". If he hadn't lived in a place & time where someone that twisted could get a high-level government position, he probably would've turned to serial killing.
Creepy Condescending Wonka
Josef Mengele valued facts. Did tons of research finding all kinds of amazing new facts. Just wasn't too concerned about the people he did his research on.