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you'd love this, JDM boys. in badass_cars
0 ups, 8h
bro, i would literally be so happy if that happened.....but my girl doesnt like jdm cars, they are "too boxy" and she thinks iridescent wraps look like rust 😭
pt 2 in badass_cars
0 ups, 8h
take the girl, sell her non essential organs, and up grade the supra i already own
Classy Brit in badass_cars
1 up, 8h
my girl says its a 2/10 cause its too boxy :((((( help
What a normal conversation in Anime
2 ups, 23h
wtf is this cursed anime
Untitled Image in weapons
1 up, 1w
GUN DECK | image tagged in but that thing i need it spongebob v 2 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker