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We can learn from the past
This election turned into an elementary school sports event, no one won, and we all got participation trophies.
How I feel the day before election.
I lived in Oregon my entire life and at the ripe old age of 50 I moved to North Carolina. I thought I was as far right as a person could be, until I got here. I am right of center for sure. It is amazing what a little change can get you. My wife is ready to move "home", but I am not so sure I can handle the liberal garbage and the high taxes that we left.
Trumpy Wonka
Proper use of Photoshop
One Does Not Simply
Cut the cable
Black Girl Wat
When I see a "news" site that has a story about what a late night show host or some comedian said about the President or congress, I lose respect for that source of information.