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Yep... This happened to me a few minutes ago
Actually, your opinion doesn't matter when you haven't been through certain things, and you're attempting to dictate to others how they should handle those things. You going to let someone who's never changed a tire dictate to you about how to use a jack or a crowbar? You don't know everything about everything, and sometimes your opinions on things aren't relevant. This is how life works. I don't dictate to "white" males how they should be. I just accept that their perspective is different, and do what I need to survive them.
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
That's what they want you to think. Basically what they're saying is that "black" people are okay so long as they kiss "white" people's butts. The minute that we stop dancing the jig for them, we're suddenly rebels, and well, we just can't have rebels. Though I disagree with BLM because it's begging enemies for mercy, a waste of time, I also understand that said enemies scoffing at those begging them for mercy is the reaction of over entitled princesses.
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Don't worry. They're not being sincere. They're backwards rationalizing their own racism and d*** sizing about who is the victim. This is why BLM failed...they operate on the premise that there is someone to talk to about the situation of dark skinned people in the U.S. There isn't. We just have to take care of each other and allies, and protect ourselves from the hostiles. The hostiles will always find a justification for being jerks. Dealing with their psychotic over entitlement is a rabbit hole I'd personally rather not go down. I just wish people who hate me would avoid me, and if they can't manage that, then well...might makes right. Talking to them about it is a waste of time. Asking for their mercy is a waste of time and show of weakness to an enemy. Better to handle these things with discretion and stealth.
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Though such violence is inexcusable, it is inevitable because of the example they've been given. This is why the truth is better. In the context of no lives mattering, nobody develops a high enough sense of entitlement to believe they can commit unjustifiable acts of violence and still claim human rights in a civil society...and it would be the same for everybody regardless of color.
Just how I see it
Too many people love the second, but then suddenly become little sheep bleating, "...but he was a thug" or "must have done something wrong" when a policeman has violated the fourth. If we're insisting Americans have rights, let's defend all of them of all Americans.