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One Does Not Simply
Not everyone does that. It's something only sick people do. Healthy people don't...and I say that with the understanding that nobody is 100% healthy or perfect. We all have our scratches. This particular scratch though...doing dirt and talking trash to people while expecting them to take it like saints, is something that requires a way overblown sense of entitlement, and a disconnection between actions and consequences. Nobody owes anyone to be their martyr or doormat.
Creepy Condescending Wonka
You don't seem to understand how this works. Everything they do is okay, and everything we do is wrong. As soon as you understand and accept this, your life will be better. Just wait for them to implode. It will happen. Patience and survival. Talking to them is useless. You can't save them. You can only save yourself from them.
Back In My Day
It's not my meme.
Back In My Day
Some people do care about it in principle because we don't want the site to be sold or lapsed or disappeared because it becomes a "white" nationalist circle jerk. Since the site owner is not himself a WN, but is kind of young and hasn't learned that important life lesson some older webmasters learned the hard way, it'll be a shock and whatnot, and he might do something rash. We just don't care enough about the actual spammers and tools as individuals to bother about commenting on it much. It is funny though, that they accuse some of us who made the mistake of voicing our opinions of having alts and cheating...but the truth is that people just don't like them. Actual conservatives who do more than talk trash...who actually have jobs or create jobs, prep, have guns, honor the Ancestors, etc. get harassed by the wannabes, so we just shut up and do what we do without the hype.
If you're white, be proud of your ethnicity, not colour, but....
Since they're both socially constructed cattle brands for humans, it's because your society has deemed it so. Rationally, both suck, but the latter is more understandable because it is a reaction to the former. Also, it's kind of silly to harbor pride about an accident of birth that doesn't really give you any advantages over others. Since African and dark brown Americans are maybe around 10% of the population, it barely gives you any social advantage to be of European ancestry. It's just a game the government plays with your head to make you feel better about being broke. It gives you a false sense of power.