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If you're white, be proud of your ethnicity, not colour, but....
Since they're both socially constructed cattle brands for humans, it's because your society has deemed it so. Rationally, both suck, but the latter is more understandable because it is a reaction to the former. Also, it's kind of silly to harbor pride about an accident of birth that doesn't really give you any advantages over others. Since African and dark brown Americans are maybe around 10% of the population, it barely gives you any social advantage to be of European ancestry. It's just a game the government plays with your head to make you feel better about being broke. It gives you a false sense of power.
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Most people get spam in their email every day of work at home schemes and scams. They give you instructions, and tell you how they track your output. Also, as I said, some are working from cubicles. They get a normal salary like a normal telemarketer. They tried to recruit me because I actually do work at home and have posted about it, so I get a lot of spam about it. I used to teach a few online courses, but the company sold and the new ones tried to steal my material, but I stopped them. All sorts goes on that the average person doesn't know about but every experienced webmaster does. There are even people getting paid to "like" and vote for things. Then of course, there are the accusations from both sides about something they both do. That bit of it is funny. It's not hard to find if you look...though most people (usually the guilty) prefer to claim that I'm crazy instead of doing the search. Some few who don't have any vested interest or aren't deep in denial understand what I'm saying, and think about how the spam has poisoned the political memes well. Once I realized what was going on and that people didn't come here to be preached at, I did my thinking and stopped posting political memes even though mine were for neither of the normal sides. It's just not worth it to endorse the fleecing of the masses for profit even if what I'm saying really is different. I don't want to be associated with that mess or for anything I say to be misinterpreted as promoting that.
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:: sigh :: To my haters...I don't know you and I don't really care if you live or die. To people who are not stupid: I really get why some people have enough. I joke that some folks are too oversensitive for the internet, but the truth is that not everybody's seen what I've seen, including enduring some of the trolling I've endured. You do have to develop a pretty thick skin to not gaf. It may help to understand that personality tends to be pervasive. A very intelligent sociopath can lead a double life, but with most on the internet, "wysiwyg". Useless people always have an opinion about how the world should be, and that's always kissing their butt. It never changes. So let them have the internets. They have nothing else. The unmoderated or low moderation areas of internet are not really the places to look for any validation. It's going to be a free-for-all for all the sh** and misery that lurks in the human soul, and the people with the most time and negative energy are going to be the most vocal. Just brace yourself for that and don't expect any better. This might help. Just accept that anyplace that is allowed to be a sh**hole will be a sh**hole. Use the service sanely, focus on the people who don't suck as much, and if you know someone is a nutbar, don't talk to them. Trust Nature that they are as useless offline as they are online, and will eventually find their way into a circlejerk because they are the ones who need validation on the internet. ...and if a site you're on becomes a circlejerk, and you're not okay with that, fight it as long as the owner is fighting. If they stop fighting (usually because they're planning to sell or let it lapse because they're building something that won't become a sh**hole) the internet is a great big place...
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They get a lot of views and upvotes because most are being served to other sites and some memers are basically retooled telemarketers who are either in a cubicle or caught up in some work at home scam. Both democrats and republicans recruited paid spammers, and knowing that, political memers are either spam or chumps. It kinda doesn't matter which at this point. People advertising for a profit venture, including politicians, should at least be paying to post ads.
I'm happy to be an American no matter how far our country has sunk!
What about you focus on what you're going to do when the stormtroopers come, and less about which puppet anybody voted for. K?