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newspaper in politics
2 ups, 3y
But the paper says established 1965 and this is still somehow a great meme.
Video game companies as villains in gaming
0 ups, 3y
How dare you call Loki a villain. I know he was but he wasn't in Thor Ragnarok where that picture was from. Great meme though!!
Lets see if people read descriptions in fun
1 up, 3y
I'm upvoting this for the good soldiers follow orders in the comments, not the meme, which made me die inside allowing an upvote beggar to get to the top.
Lets see if people read descriptions in fun
5 ups, 3y
"Good soldiers follow orders." -Tup, Rex, Jesse, Crosshair, Wrecker, and probably a few others.
elmo fire in gaming
1 up, 3y
idk if anyone has ever played lego marvel super heroes, but human torch is the most insane character for this reason