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Vegan problems
Can't reply with memes till you have 1000 points :-/ You can call it anthromorphism, I'll call it the golden rule. You know, do onto others as you'd have done unto you :)
Vegan problems
I can't wait till I have enough points to reply with memes xD We are animals, duh ;) All you have to do is put yourself in their position and it's easy to recognize the injustice:)
Vegan problems
Won't let me reply below. There is no way to do it nicely, can you not understand that? It's ironic that you must still consume protein supplements even tho you eat meat. But I guess you're convinced yourself that this is the only way so I'll leave you to it.
Vegan problems
I was eating about 140-160 before I was vegan. Now I probably hit 80-100. Stronger and same weight. No struggles with protein just sayin!
Vegan problems
Idgaf if we are omnivores or not. We don't need to consume animals to be healthy and killing 6 million animals an hour is, as I said, a massive injustice.