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Brace Yourselves X is Coming in fun
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@Pitty GIFs in comments sound like a fun idea. At some point we'll probably make it possible for images to be inserted into comments from any of the generators. For now, you can simply use direct imgflip image links like this: (click to show)

@Kosherocker The feedback button is a great way to contact us, we read all of those.

I think we may experiment with allowing more than 2 submissions per day for users with a higher number of popular submissions.
Brace Yourselves X is Coming in fun
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Hello everyone! Looks like our community is growing, very glad you're all a part of it. Some of the most obvious things we need to improve right now are the notification system and the comment system. We're considering a multi-level comment system where any comment can be replied to. Do any of you have suggestions about how we should build out the comment system, or features you would like to see included?

-Dylan Wenzlau (founder)
Welcome To The Internets in fun
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Imgflip police reporting in. Your argument is invalid.
Good news in fun
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You should be able to delete featured images now. Deleting was not meant to be removed, just the ability to change the title and tags (after being featured).