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Viruses, erosion of of personal liberties, plastic crap that breaks after one use, pollution. in fun
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China suppresses it's own citizens rights to self determination, they literally round up people of certain religions backgrounds and move them to camps like Hitler. They are the largest polluter in the world and are the least committed to changing They are extorting poorer nations with their Belt and Road initiative strapping them with unpayable debt. They also have no problem making counterfeit goods and selling them as the legit product. Only thr citizens of Hong Kong have the gumption to stand up for a better life
Don't shoot your own boats in fun
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How did you flee from the sinking ship?
Crewman: IRAN and then ISWAM
When there's a typo in your meme in fun
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And also great meme!
When there's a typo in your meme in fun
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The author could speak in the Queen's English and if so that would be the correct spelling