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Untitled Image in politics
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Amen to that, taxation is theft
How is it to be so dedicated to your cause that you pack up and go home because its too cold to riot in the winter? in politics
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We have a judicial system in this country, you fight your case there and not on the street with police. This is not china, you don't dissappear after being arrested and are never seen again. You get a lawyer, or one is provided for you. You plead your case in front of a jury of your peers. Heck you can even appeal that ruling if you can prove it was unjust. Once you are being arrested you get arrested, you do not try to engage in combat with an officer or attempt to get into a vehicle that could be used as a weapon. You go to court! Your fate is decided by again a jury of your peers who have time to deliberate the facts of the case and not make a split second decision like a police officer on whether or not you are posing a risk to their life. It really isn't that hard of a concept to grasp. But destroying the livelihood of your fellow Americans to "protest" and I use that word incredibly loosely in this sense is completely ridiculous and childish behavior.
Woman Yelling At Cat in politics
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It's their choice if they want to leave their home. It's a dangerous world out there, trust me I ride motorcycles
Xi Jinping in fun
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Unfortunately this isn't really funny
bruh in politics
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They don't fit the narrative so BLM doesn't worry about them. They don't want you to find out you can stand on your own 2 feet and make something of your life. Be a burden to society, live of the government! Then cry when some criminal gets shot by the police when he was out playing America's new favorite game, make bad decisions and blame the results on skin color and not the fact you were breaking the law and threatening police. Crazy how you don't see the Hispanic community having these issues