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Nuh-uh. in politics
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image tagged in clinton | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I think Hillary was in charge of the guest list..
The List in politics
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first off, i do not like tRump, never did, Your best argument is that because trump may have done something its ok for 1000000 democrats to do it too?
All the pics of trump with jeff, maxwell etc are at DNC fundraisers back when Trump was a Dem. Most of them were for his then friend Hillary Cliinton.
What I do know is that the FBI, etc etc had ongoing investigations seemed daily when he was Potus.
Did they turn up anything? if they did WHY THE F**K DID THEY KEEP SILENT?

Now the Clintons were close enough to maxwell and Jeff to Invite them to thier daughters wedding.

Amy Robach only named 1 person by name and that was "Clinton"
she also named British royalty too.
The List in politics
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Untitled Image in politics
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AGAIN* | image tagged in captain obvious | made w/ Imgflip meme maker