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Walls were cool then....
It’s called logging in after traveling and seeing your childish crybaby comments due to your getting schooled by Snopes. It’s also called having a life. Maybe you should try it rather than living your worthless existence on a meme site. Travel. Go to a museum. Stop reading/watching/listening to things that match your obvious cognitive bias. And do grow up. It’s much better than living your childish fantasies and proclaiming that the orange guy is the boogeyman. That you’re “pleased” confirms it all. It’s getting close to dinner time. Heading to Au Bon Coin in Pattaya! Ciao for now as I’m logging off for a couple days and heading to the beach. Seethe if you must, but always remember, bitterness will destroy your soul.
Walls were cool then....
Methinks the dumbass doth protest too much. You got educated by me that your comments were those of a stupid partisan hack. You know it. You’re pissed. It shows.