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My Guess is Brazil in booty
1 up, 6d
Well it ain't Saudi Arabia, that's for sure
How big is too big ? in Boobs
1 up, 2w
Magnificent but the clover is far too large.
WIGGLE IT !!!!! in SexyGirls
1 up, 3w
Upvoted before I even watched just based on the title ...
Untitled Image in politicsTOO
1 up, 3w
Good meme. Should be a wake up call for some districts.

Couple of additional notes:
1. This was just a special election to replace a Republican who resigned after pleading guilty to voter fraud. Lot of people angry with the Republicans as a result.
2. She spent $156,000 on the campaign while the Republican only spent $41,000.<-- key point
3. She ran on "reproductive rights" but the Republican ran on infrastructure improvements ... who do you think engendered the most emotion? Couple that with the anger over the guilty plea for voter fraud charges and BOOM! Emotion always wins. Always. No one votes with logic anymore (if they ever did).
4. While Alabama overwhelmingly leans right, this is one of those districts that is always in play for the Democrats. Few people here think she will retain control once the general election in 2026 for the seat is officially up for grabs but since the district is more "Purple" than Red or Blue, who knows?

Am I worried? Marginally, yes, but I have one friend who is also my state house rep and he says she won't get any traction whatsoever. Just had a few beers with him over Spring Break...