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Skeptical Baby
I was trying to make the point that everyone has their own opinion on this. Words can be used and terms applied to suit each person's opinion. I am of the opinion it is wrong to murder a human being, however, I am also of the opinion, and the law supports me here, that one can only murder a human being and that a human being must be able to survive outside the womb; therefore, abortion isn't murder. I support the right of people to not have abortions, no human being should be forced to have one, and I support the right of all human beings to have abortions within the law. What each individual chooses to do in what almost always would be difficult circumstances is no one's decision but their own.
Skeptical Baby
Zygote is a term that man has given to a baby that is in his or her earliest, most vulnerable stages of life to quote someone else on here....not someone I agree with I hasten to add. Some zygote don't have potential, some people who choose to have abortions do so because they know if the zygote continued to develop, it wouldn't survive.
Skeptical Baby
I think that too, but not everyone does. And, what defines human life? Is a living human 8 cells?
Skeptical Baby
Do you think eating meat should be illegal?
Skeptical Baby
VERY well said.