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"We are not reaching for something that is forever, we are something that is forever reaching" ~ Allen W Anderson
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Memeing is my business....and memes are good!
Ohhh yeah that new Obituary is awesome too, I'm still listening to the old stuff lol I'll check out the Blind Guardian and Kreator. Probably already heard some of it on Full Metal Jackie though.
Memeing is my business....and memes are good!
Loving the new Metallica but that new Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake is just sick and killer!!! Do an Alex Jones meme on that video lol
Liberal logic summed up in a meme
Go f**k yourself crybaby coward and snitch.
Hipster Barista
You're a f**king moron. Communism is conscripted slavery that has only had limited success in small tribes that allowed them to survive. No legitimate industrial or technological revolutions can be attributed to communism under Mao or Stalin because of their massive reliance on slave labor just like capitalist slavery in USA. China and Russia both use currency and operate under a stock-market today so neither are communist but they fascist conservative stock-market scams. Lenin had to stop his failed experiment in communism then operate liberal economic policies reintroducing the ruble and raising wages because of too much revolt from insecure farm owners and workers. Socialism, protecting workers and consumers, are liberal economic policies not anarchy which is spontaneous disorganization or communism which is conscripted slavery or Wall St slavery which is conservative fascism redistributing money from people who work to people who don't. F**k off ignorant conservatard fascist.
Hipster Barista
That's what all right-wing conservative morons are, christian dictating religious terrorists and Wall St worshiping fascists.