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Is Anyone Really Surprised in politics
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It is ironic, but then why did Trump try so hard to undermine it if it was the most honest election in US history?
I hate the vet! in fun
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I needed to take her to the vet and got a few scratches. She was growling at me in that picture
Sad to see those people tbh in fun
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I know this has nothing to do with "leaning right", I could only guess because I don't know you. I'm also not a fan of abortion. So here we go, I'll base my response on what you've posted so far to the best of my ability. I do make the assumption that you're "Pro-Life". I think it's a safe assumption, but I could be wrong.

1. Since you believe abortion should be illegal then you're not a believer in "my body, my choice", otherwise you would want women to have a choice in the matter and not have abortion be illegal.
2. I think it's a safe assumption that you would label yourself "Pro-Life" since you refer to abortion as "the murder of innocent children". As far as spreading Covid, I agree with you, especially with the variant going around right now, that me getting the vaccine won't stop me from giving you Covid if we crossed paths.
3. I know that the Covid vaccine doesn't prevent all Covid hospitalizations and death, but it does at least decrease those chances.

Bottom line: If you're truly "Pro-Life" you would want everyone to get the vaccine to preserve as many lives as possible, otherwise you would only be "anti-abortion". We both know that given the choice not everyone will take a vaccine to potentially save their own lives. Since you're not a believer in "my body, my choice" you would want the government to mandate the vaccine.

So what will it be? Will you be "Pro-Life" with me and take the vaccine and encourage others to do it so that we can preserve as many lives as possible?

Please be well.
Sad to see those people tbh in fun
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Based on other comments you've made, you're not a fan of Joe Biden at all. My guess is you lean right. Do you believe abortion should be illegal?
Sad to see those people tbh in fun
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For the most part it doesn't bother me when someone takes care of their own health. The only time I care about other people's choices for their own health is if it affects my health too. I don't care if a smoker smokes, it's their body, their choice, but, I believe that right stops when I'm forced to breathe their secondhand smoke affecting my health. Or even if someone loves punching, you have every right to punch, but your right stops at the tip of my nose.