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sick spongebob in fun
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Good to know me being right had you so triggered that I stayed rent free in your mind for 2 years.
Untitled Image in fun
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Blank Starter Pack Meme in fun
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That's Lion King, not Lion Guard you uncultured swine.
Still better than hearthstone in fun
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Yu-gi-oh as a game is is fine, although it suffers heavily from balance issues. The main issue is the player base is toxic. Magics issue is it's extremely complicated and there aren't really any easily accessible rules, especially for deck construction. The Pokémon TCGs biggest issue is the fact it has a prize card system instead of following closer to the games. (starting off with all 6 of your base cards already on the field and the game ending when they all faint. Having evolution cards in their own deck similar to the extra deck from Yu-gi-oh and having energies act like mana from magic would also help.)