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I am everywhere, and nowhere in fun
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Super Sentai Mecha (Japanese Power Rangers' Megazords) and Kamen Rider figures.
I am everywhere, and nowhere in fun
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Super Mini-Pla and Figure-Rise Standard.
sick spongebob in fun
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You do realize the survival rate has been skyrocketing, right? **ESPECIALLY** in places where they've been lifting restrictions like Florida and Texas.

And I can't help but to love how you are getting so scared by a person who knows what he's talking about and doesn't just get his information from CNN and Dr. Fauci that you actually have to resort to blatant lies (the "pandemic" getting worse, when the numbers are plummeting. I use quotation marks because it's survival rate is so high that it should probably only be considered an epidemic at the absolute WORST), name calling (Nimrod? Really? is this 1993?), and correcting a simple grammar error that - to be quiet honest - only really happened because I'm just not that invested in correcting you; So why waste a bunch of time making sure that I used the proper Grammatical tense? And do you really have such weak arguments that **THATS** all you can come up with? I'd hate to see your meltdown when you see me calling you out over your excessive use of Caps lock.
sick spongebob in fun
1 up, 3m
Again, not an actual argument.

Trying to emotionally manipulate people while typing in all caps doesn't actually prove that someone not wearing a mask is putting anyone in danger, but if you expect everyone is both simultaneously sick with one of the deadliest viruses ever to exist AND not sick at the same time, then pointing out that making a passerby clean up the discarded facemasks of countless other people **IS** a health hazard, and they have every right to call you out on your blatant hypocrisy. (and again, this is the "logic" you people are going by, not actual facts; it has a survival rate of over 99.7% and well over 2/3 of people who get it never show any symptoms, so I'd hardly call it "bad" if with the meager 500,000 deaths -- yes, I said meager; Even if those number were accurate, which we all know they've been artificially inflating them -- that have been [falsely] attributed to it.)

Also, I love how you were trying to put words in my mouth with the "oH YEAH IM SO BADASS THAT I DONT EVEN PICK UP TRASH" bit, in the hopes I wouldn't notice that you **NEVER** gave actual counter arguments, instead falling back on the same exact CDC article I've been force-fed literally hundreds of times by braindead sheep like yourself that still insist we should "trust the experts"...except for the ones that say it's just a ploy for power...even though Dr. Fauci admitted to "fudging the numbers"...and the "experts" have been proven wrong several times...
sick spongebob in fun
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I've check. First they said they could "only suggest it" then they said it was "Absolutely necessary because masks are the only effective way to stop the virus" then they turn around and admit "well, you might actually need two masks because one mask isn't as effective as we thought". The CDC is either criminally negligent or lying through their teeth.