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Hello darlin', nice to meme ya. It's BEEN A LOOONG TIIIIME!
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You Get An X And You Get An X in fun
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Three years later.
1 year IMGFLIP anniversary today. I gave it a year. It was fun! Gonna miss some of you guys! in fun
5 ups, 2y
It'll be three years in a couple of days for me. Used to be in like the top 40-30, things change fast. Best of luck, though.
X, X Everywhere in fun
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Grats man, bottom of page 10,000.
Watch out Raydog, I'll have 7 million points in about 60 years. in fun
2 ups, 3y
Been around for two or three, used to be top forty.
Sparta Leonidas in fun
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This was over two years ago, I was but a small meme maker then.