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Hello furrys that are stalking me! You won't find any personal info here because I'm not stupid. Anyway I like space
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F-35 Note: Alright you commie; it's nerding time. in anti-furr_vs_furr
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image tagged in automaton keyboard typing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This you? Some communist spy trying to be with the democratic guys? (I know the robots in helldivers are socialist but for this meme let's pretend they are communist)
Kinito in anti-furr_vs_furr
0 ups, 5d
Ditto, I can be anything even if it does not exist.
Why do they do this shit in anti_furry_society
1 up, 1w
Well still. It's cool how you know what she says in this scene since I play and I did not know what she says (I started playing recently)
Why do they do this shit in anti_furry_society
2 ups, 1w
image tagged in gigachad mirror | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I see there is another star rail player here