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Opinions on the internet are like a content aware scale: the things that differ from indifference will always stand out
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We all started somewhere in OwO
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I heard the word "furry" as a noun in early September, 2016. The curious person I was, I searched Wiktionary and found out about this fandom/subculture interested in humanoid animals. I found a KnowYourMeme entry on the night of September 8th, 2016 and joined the fandom that night.
Return to sender in OwO
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I tend to remind them that while some of us furries are messed up, we are philanthropic and charitable; meanwhile anti-furs oftentimes shamelessly fantasize about mass-murder and are responsible for multiple acts of mass-hacking and a terrorist attack.
Questions? Inspiration? Anti-hate campaigns? in OwO
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Sure, I would enjoy keeping the group engaged
My favorite is Macaroni and Cheese! I LOVE it. I think I'm addicted to it! in The_Think_Tank
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There's this smoked mac and cheese recipe my family has been perfecting and it's my favorite dish. Following close behind, though, are loaded cheese fries, buffalo chicken, bone-in barbecue, ham and cheese, mustard and Papa John's pizza.
This happened to me yesterday so I made a meme about it. in fun
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As a user of a slow computer, I can relate to this.